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Touch-Down is a professional fine ceramics manufacturer.


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Fine Ceramic Components for Science, Space and Semiconductor Industries | Touch-Down Technology Co., Ltd

Based in Taiwan since 1997, Touch-Down has been a fine ceramic parts and components manufacturer. Their main ceremic products, including fine ceramics, advanced ceramics and special ceramics integrating production, which are ISO 9001 certified.

Touch-Down is a compact, high-precision ceramic part manufacturer, who is specialized in the manufacture of fine ceramics / advanced ceramics / special ceramics integrating production and sales from raw material preparation, molding, plane grinding, abrasive machining of inner and outer diameters to digital processing of NC drilling crew. Over the past two decades, it has provided products and services for parts manufacturing and processing of fine ceramics, aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, quartz and silicon carbide in terms of semiconductor processing, LED processing, TFT / LCD processing, solar chip processing, machinery production, medical and pharmaceutical industry and national defense and military.

Touch-Down has been selling advanced ceramics to US, Europe and Australia for over two decades since 1997, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Touch-Down ensures each customer's demands are met.