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High-precision ceramic part manufacturer.

High-precision ceramic part manufacturer.

About Touch-Down

Touch-Down is a compact, high-precision ceramic part manufacturer, who is specialized in the manufacture of fine ceramics / advanced ceramics / special ceramics integrating production and sales from raw material preparation, molding, plane grinding, abrasive machining of inner and outer diameters to digital processing of NC drilling crew. For example, aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide and silicon nitride are "produced in the factory" from "combustion, grinding, inspection to product". Since its establishment, the strict quality commitment is the important reason for Touch-Down to gain customer trust.

At present, we are the main supplier of domestic semiconductor ceramic parts, and we are proud of being the early textile machinery mainstream yarn path and air nozzle ceramic manufacturer to semiconductor and national defense and military supplier. Our parts have been taken seriously and long purchased by major foreign and domestic manufacturers' customers.

With years of experience in tight manufacture of fine ceramics, we also emphasize the challenges in new fields. In 2017, we have obtained the space manufacturing license and have smoothly completed delivery in line with certification of ISO9001, and have established relevant mechanism in the company. Therefore, employee awareness has been raised and may flexibly deal with challenges and changes of new things.

We will keep on and continue to challenge based on the new fields and tasks for comprehensive production inside the company, that is, the goal of TOUCH-DOWN.

TOUCH-TOWN - Most Accurate and Professional Long-term Partner

Over the past two decades, it has provided products and services for parts manufacturing and processing of fine ceramics, aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, quartz and silicon carbide in terms of semiconductor processing, LED processing, TFT / LCD processing, solar chip processing, machinery production, medical and pharmaceutical industry and national defense and military. Meanwhile, it researches and develops jointly with customers, and the products and services are applicable to fine ceramics materials in each industry. Touch-down has a whole package of production equipment, hoping to be your most accurate and professional long-term partner.

Company Resume
Touch-Down Technology Co., Ltd.
AddressCompany factory: No. 26 Hecen Street, Zhunan Town, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Tel: +886-37-583095  Fax: +886-37-583096
Established inA.D. August 1986
Major CustomerMachinery industry, electrical and electronics, national defense and military and people’s livelihood
Manufacturing ContentFine ceramics, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, machinable glass ceramics, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, quartz and others
Company History1987Production of wear-resisting ceramics for wires used for textile and electric wire industries (founded in Ta-Hsi, Tao-Yuan).
1988Put on production of wear-resisting fine ceramics for knife scissors and hair scissors for purpose of people’s livelihood.
1990Put on production of fine ceramics for machine tool industry, wire cutting machine and electrical discharge machine.
1993Increase equipment for business demand, set up a factor in Xinnanli, Zhunan Town near Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park and expand production.
2010Move the new factory to Zhunan Industrial Park (near the adjacent park) for reasonable and efficient production.
2011At present, company factory has been fully transferred and formally put into production the semiconductor industry in the nearest service park.
2012Purchase additional sintering furnace, multiple CNC program grinding and processing equipment and put ceramic arms into volume production.
2015Purchase additional large sintering furnace whose maximum sintering area is 1M square meters.
2015Pass the certification of ISO9001:2015.
2016Pass PLV certification of space find ceramics production factory and formally put into operation and deliver products smoothly.
2017Implement product inspection requirements, purchase additional 3D handheld external-type measuring instrument, whose accuracy may reach 0.5µ.
Business Item

Production, processing and manufacture of professional fine ceramics: New Products / Customization / OEM / Reworking and Trimming

Types of commonly produced ceramics:
Aluminum Oxide
Zirconium Oxide
Silicon Carbide
Silicon Nitride
Machinable Ceramics
Quartz Processing

Production Equipment

Molding Equipment, Sintering Equipment, CNC Processing and Grinding Machine, Flat Grinder / Internal / Cylindrical Grinder / Polisher and Ultrasonic Wave Washing Equipment.

Measuring Instrument: 3D, 2.5D Gauge, Projector, Height Gage, Surface Roughness Meter, Microscope, Densimeter, Micrometer, Micrometer Gauge and Vernier Caliper, etc.


Touch-Down is a professional manufacturer of advanced ceramic.

We offer various ceramic products, including Alumina, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, and quartz, for various applications, such as Semiconductor, LCD, TFT, LED, and solar wafers.

Custom Design Manufacturer

Design and produce advanced fine ceramics / advanced ceramics / special ceramics according to customer drawings and requests.

Trusted Manufacturer

30 years of experience in fine ceramics, advanced ceramics, aluminum oxide, and zirconium oxide. One-step produced in the factory.

The Strict Quality Commitment

The diversified measurement laboratory that passes certification of ISO 9001:2008 can accurately detect product components.

Awards & Certificates

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