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Professional Fine Ceramics Manufacturer

Professional Fine Ceramics Manufacturer

Factory Introduction

Touch-Down Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional fine ceramics manufacturer. Founded in March 1997, it has passed the certification of ISO9001, and we manufacture products to meet customer needs according to customer's drawings or needs. It is specialized in the manufacture of fine ceramics/advanced ceramics/semiconductor processing equipment ceramics parts. In addition, the company head once learned the production, manufacturing and processing technology of fine ceramics in Japan in the early days, and has rich experience in production for 30 years.

Established in: 1997
Factory Scale: 2,000 square meters
Number of Employees: 36
Customer Distribution: US, Japan, Taiwan, mainland China, Southeast Asia, Europe and Australia

It is specialized in customized find ceramics, which is widely used in fine processing in science / space / semiconductor industries. In addition, it is also widely applied to other fields in human life, such as knives (hair ceramic scissors and fruit knives), teeth, straighteners and energy-saving LED lights, etc. The fine ceramics used in food industry is safe and stable and will not dissolve toxins, so it meets the needs for health.

Touch-down Technology has experts with 30 years of experience in fine ceramics/advance ceramics, aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide. We share profits with customers, and we manufacture extensive and high-quality fine ceramics, which are widely used in each industrial field, such as steam turbine, electronics, electrical appliance, machinery, medical treatment, building, military, sports goods, national defense industry, petrochemical industry, food industry and machinery industry as well as living goods, so as to provide customers with complete solutions.

Production Equipment

Molding Equipment, Sintering Equipment, CNC Processing and Grinding Machine, Flat Grinder / Internal / Cylindrical Grinder / Polisher and Ultrasonic Wave Washing Equipment.

Measuring Instrument: 3D, 2.5D Gauge, Projector, Height Gage, Surface Roughness Meter, Microscope, Densimeter, Micrometer, Micrometer Gauge And Vernier Caliper, etc.

Raw Material and Processing

Raw Materials:
The high purity ceramic powder used by the company is imported from Japan to ensure good, uniform and stable product quality, so as to meet customer's high standard request for quality.
Raw materials of the company include aluminium oxide (Al2O3), zirconium oxide (ZrO2), quartz, silicon carbide (SIC), silicon nitride (Si3N4) and non-oxides. These materials are characterized by high hardness, high strength, high tenacity, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and high insulation, making them extremely applicable to rigorous working environment.

Forming modes of the company include mould pressing, injection molding and gold isostatic pressing forming, so that the company can provide a variety of product shapes and dimension needs.
The company's sintering processing is fired at high temperature of 1400 - 1700°C, so that the workpiece after sintering is characterized by high hardness, high strength, high tenacity, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and high insulation.

Back-end processing equipment of the company includes flat grinder, external grinder, ID grinding machine, CNC grinder and disc polisher, and takes diamond as grinding material to grind the workpiece within dimensional tolerance, so as to meet customer's high precision request for dimensions. The processing dimensions may vary from small aperture of 0.2mm to maximum outer diameter of 600mm as per customer drawings, so as to adapt to the processing requirements of different dimensions and special shapes.

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